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Privat consulting per Skype 

apointment per Email: panterraphoto@yahoo.de


Fullmoon Ritual alwaise at - die Insel - treptower Park in Berlin at 18.00


Hopifire in Berlin from 18.00 till open end at Kinderbauernhof Betaniendamm - Adalbertstr.


Shaman, Spiritual-Coach, Therapist, Medium


Is a Native American Shaman, Therapist, Spiritual Medium Sacred Indigena.
She is Native American and live the red way, in the Lakota and Hopi beliefs. Her approach integrates work with Great spirit as her leader,  Runes, Aura Cleaning, Homeopathy Remedies, Bach Flower essences, Aurosoma,Spiritual Family Constellations, Karma solving, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Healthy Food Advice, pregnancy care, breastfeeding consulting, Family Constellations/Family Therapy, Spiritual Tattoo, Rituals (for Daily Life, Protection, Karma cut, prayers and more), Dance Rituals, “The Red Road” and the  belief and traditions of the Lakota and Hopi-Indians.

Consultation @ Skype and also personal Private Consultation



Skype: panterra-performance

Mobil: 0049 177 696 99 91



Chamanic Spiritual Healer

She is the  Daughter of the Medizin woman native indian chamanic healer Alicia Hamm ( www.aliciahamm.net ), and was brought up strictly in accordance with the Native American beliefs that characterizes her work, life and spirituality. She is live according to the old traditions of the Hopi and Lakota tribes, which is the red road.


She gives introductions to different rituals and ceremonies, which can be used for the daily life of everyone. In her therapeutic work she uses spiritual , NLP, Aura-Cleancing, Family Constellation Method, Soul Healing, Runes and Ritual Dances.

In case of an unfulfilled desire to have children or when couples have problems to conceive Panterra offers the possibility of a ritual which was sucsesfull applied in the past. She is guiding women's trough pregnancy and offers Advicing in breastfeeding and advices also in different alternative medicines like Homeopathy, Bachblüten, Auro - Soma and Nutrition.

In her work she is using the tatoo in their original meaning as an permanent talisman and charm like Runes and other native symbols.

In her point of view every medial consultation is individual e.g. deletion of Karma, anxiety and phobias, depression, panic attacks, Bulimia and Anorexia, Lovesickness. Her claim is to guide everyone in a preferably short time to their original power and independence. And thus into their cure. In some cases even with a medical diagnosis of being incurable.

Panterra has furthermore knowledge about handling with taboo topics in a sexual way (Impotence, Infertility, etc.) as well violation, abuse, Problems between child-parent relationship, Coming Out, Non-acceptance of the own sexuality, and so on.

She achieved good and sustained treatment results in a short time therapy. Hereby she is guided by the Great Spirit, which one is playing a central role in her beliefs of the Red Way of the Lakota and Hopi natives.

With her open-minded heart she is able to bring a lot of positive and medial energy to the private consultations. It is her aim to create a comfortable environment without analyzing and judging, to accept and respect everyone and their individuality.


"I want to offer a space for this work to all people! No matter what process someone is in, or physical or other disability one has, all are welcome and will be greatly respected for the wisdom they bring.

I have developed a technique to integrate diverse people in different processes into the circle and create the maximum possibility for us each to benefit from the other.  

We begin in a circle. Then we greet the 4 directions. We make the postures of the runes and learn how to use them.

Soul balancing exercises are mixed with diferent terapeutic and spiritual Native American techniques to bring you into your full power. my you alwaise walk in biuty,

I live what I believe :o)
red indian
we walk the red way
My life and my religion is one
without judgment
without expectation
without comparing
without punishment
without lies
I come across souls who are in a human being!



She specializes in healing relationships in general:

like to youre self, food, motherhood, money healing, relationship healing with youre self and others, life-role, man and woman role, the divine conection wich help´s you to understand the animals, children and all elements.

She also advizes for pregnancy care, breastfeeding, child raising,

leads sacred rituals for conceiving a child and age ceremony´s from 1 - 90 yeares

Talisman Tattoos for protection/ manifestation. 

Her natural heartfelt way of working allows for an extremely powerful and caring energetic opening within her workshops. She has the ability to create a truly open and non-judgmental atmosphere accepting every person in their uniqueness and strength.


 “youre voice is ment to sing for the holly world! When you want to talk be telepatik!”



 Panterra leads Workshops with the following subjects:             

'NAGUAL` You want to conect STRNG with youre instinct - with youre internal animal            

"The most important Human are YOU!"  Woman " I am the most important person in my life

Spirituality Day by Day Workshop          

'Sexual Heeling,

Spirituality of Daily Life.

Come out of your victim energie and be your destiny creator

Chakras the Dance of your Life,  

'Rituals Dance,



In the workshop we will live this:

The sexual healing is a workshop about how we native people believe love and relation functions in life.

It is about the red way and how it is possible to be in love and receive love.

Through this work we increase our possibilities of being and receiving the love we want.

We understand the important to love youre self deaply!

with exercise unique and in the circle we be come in a knew relation to us and the other and understand the important off a healthy sexuallity in youre live



 Come out of your victim energie and be your destiny creator

This Workshop is about to understand how you controll youre soughts , the way you speak, and the most important about youre feelings! This is a manifestation workshop)


 Spirituality day by day


you will leorn to life with runes and how to use them and other spirituall tuls for every day use, from difrent tribes





Get out of the head into the heart-- out of the intellect into emotion.

Come into your instinct.

Because we are controlled, led by our minds, we often fall into habitual behavior.

In this space we will experience what it is TO BE, simply,

without judgment, blame or claim of perfection.

We experience what it is to have no thought, no expectations.

To be simply NAGUAL means to see feel and smell as the NAGUAL—

to center this raw life-force power so it can rise in you and accompany you for all time.

We are touched and therefore never the same.

When we are touched emotionally and physically, change happens.

You can question you're way of knowing and being known.

You can see and drop specific habits and reorder or strengthen other qualities.

We have all influenced by  educated society.

I invite you in this workshop, to discover the points of external control, to release them, and meet yourself.

Feel what it is to be YOU YOURSELF WITHOUT JUDGMENT and therefore free in all momentary processes in your life.



Through a variety of American Native methods we go on a journey to our instinct.

Here we meet our personal animal, that which you embody already and accompanies you your whole life, and gives you power. 
My nagual workshops are for men and women of all ages.



"Whenyou grow up as a lion among sheep, one day you believe you are a sheep."

The Nagual workshop is about realizing your own gifts and destiny.

Each has his place and none other can take your place. Your place is always there!

You can not measure the "spirit" but you can feel it, and use for your own benefit  and the benefit of all. With this deep intention, I want to get you into your power!

Spirituality in your body

PANTERRA: “How much we miss if we know nothing ofthe existence of our original power?!
The human being who knows consciously about the relations, that is in unity with all beings—

this one, is an essencial human and is in harmony with and identified with the universe.

There in is healing for all of us!


Please bring shaman Drums, & blindfold, kristals to fill energetic up at the altar

Something to write and food confortable close and a little gift for the gift zeremonie we are all one

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

VIDIO´S from PANTERRA (in English with transelating)






WORKSHOP Bratislava

Friday - 20.00—22.00
“Panterra, her work and spirituality” (lecture)
A lecture about magic and spiritual work which Panterra does during workshops, seminars, and consultations. Followed by a discussion. Way of Shaman.

(this workshop we will just do when the group will realise )

Healing a man – What the Great Spirit needs from man - workshop for man
Your woman needs you to be the best you can! 
A workshop for men where your inner power and focus will strengthen your inner wisdom. Techniques to support your relationship without moral judging. What native men do to fit in the circle of their tribe. 
Love you mother, love your wife. Finding the way to a fulfilled relationship. 
Understand what you woman needs from you. 
Healthy father, healthy son
Because we are controlled, led by our minds, we often fall into habitual behaviour. 
In this space, we will experience what it is like TO BE, live simply, without judgment, feeling guilty, or the necessity of perfection. We experience what it is like to have no thoughts, no expectations.
A Workshop for men to support their own strength and proper self-definition, cleaning and lifting up the inner understanding:
- techniques to support your relationship
- what do Native Indians do to support their manhood and physical strength (keeping fit) in the circle of their tribe
- understanding what your woman needs
- healthy father
- healthy son



Theme of the workshop: Panterra: "How far are we if we know nothing about the existence of our primal elemental power? The human who becomes aware of their relationship to all living things and your oneness with the universe, realizes the essential of what it means to be human! That is what will heal all of us. „Get out of your head - of the intellect, so there is space for your heart, emotion! Awake YOU’RE INSTINCT!
Indian techniques permit: without judgment, without fear, emotionally, with no claim to perfection, to BE
In my workshops you strengthen your gifts. Your place is always there-no one else can take it. Instinct is uncontrollable; Spirit cannot be measured but to feel. I invite you to live in your own power. (Without phobias or depression, fear attacks), with tools for your daily life to strengthen your destiny in freedom. Mitakye Oyasin (for all my relatives) panterra
Because we are controlled, led by our heads and sometimes it’s a habit. Therefore; TO BE completely different is wished: without judgment - without blame or claim of perfection. Experience: no thoughts, no expectations, Just to be, NAGUAL that means, to see feel and smell like NAGUAL, to center 
This power so you can live and save it for ever. Change and touch does! We touch emotionally and physically so change happens. You can question you're way to be known, drop specific habits and reorder, or others strengthen. We are all influenced by the educated society. I please you in this Workshop, to discover externally control and to be YOU WITHOUT JUDGMENT and free in any momentary processes in your life. 
"Proceed with variety of American Native methods we go on a journey to our instincts. Here we meet our personal animal that you embody already and accompanies you your whole life and you power gives. My nagual workshops for men and women of all ages“ 
"When you grow up as a lion among sheep, do you think one day you're a sheep." The Nagual workshop is about to realize his own destiny and gifts. Each has his place and no other can take your place. Your place is always there! You can not measure the "spirit" or not prove it but you can feel the spirit and use for your own and the benefit of all. With this intention, I want to get you into your power! 
Spirituality in your body 
PANTERRA: „How much we miss if we know nothing of the existence of our original power? The human who knows consciously about the relatives, is unity with all beings, this essential assumes to be a human and identifies his part of universe. Therein is healing for all of us! 
Please bring instruments Drums, & blindfold, something to write and if you like a spiritual obiect for oure altar to charge energie


Take your power and just do it - doobedný workshop



you can schedule an appointment outside seminars and workshops for a personal consultation or protective and spiritual tattooing.

Panterra: “How far are we, if we know nothing about the existence of our primary core strength? People who begin to realize their relationship to all living matter and their unity with the universe will come to understand the essence of what it means to be a human! That's what will heal all of us”.
“At my workshops, you will strengthen your gifts. Your place is always here - no one can take it from you. Instinct cannot be controlled, the Spirit cannot be measured, and you can only feel its energy. I invite you to live in your own Strength. Without phobia, depression, and fear, with tools for your daily life that will enhance your destiny in freedom”.

!!Please come to all the activities drugs and alcohol free!!

registration: laloba.skupina@gmail.com

For more info: laloba.skupina@gmail.com


Panterra je Native indiánska šamanka (červená cesta), dcéra argentinskej šamanky Alicie Hamm, ktorá ju vychovala v súlade s vierou Native Indiánov kmeňa Lakota a Hopi, čo silno ovplyvnilo jej prácu a duchovný život. Panterra má teplé, otvorené srdce, ktorého energiu necháva pri seminároch a pri terapii prúdiť voľne a silno. Na seminároch dokáže vytvoriť atmosféru bez posudzovania prijímajúc každú osobu v jej jedinečnosti, sile a procese.

Panterra je spirituálna liečiteľka, pracuje s podporou Native indiánov pri liečení duše, karmy, tanečných rituáloch, rituáloch počatia bábätka, je poradkyňou v oblasti dojčenia, liečenia fóbií, strachov i panických, robí rituály karmických rozviazaní, spirituálne rodinné konštelácie, NLP, runy, pracuje s liečivou silou homeopatie, Bachových esencií a Aura Somy.
Robí ochranné a spirituálne tetovania.

„Panterra, jej práca a spiritualita“ prednáška s otvorenou diskusiou 
o magickej a spirituálnej práci ktorú Panterra robí s ľuďmi počas workshopov, seminárov a konzultácií, diskusia. Cesta šamanky. Byť plne prítomní, bez posudzovania, klásť otázky a odpovede, priamo zo svojho stredu.

Liečenie muža - Čo veľký Duch očakáva od mužov - workshop pre mužov
Tvoja žena ťa potrebuje najlepšieho aký dokážes byť!
Mužský workshop, ktorý tvojou vnútornou silou a vlastným zacielením posilní tvoju vnútornú múdrosť.
Techniky pre podporu vášho vzťahu bez morálneho posudzovania, ktoré robia Indiáni aby boli prijatí do kruhu kmeňa.
miluj svoju matku = miluj svoju ženu
Cesta k vášmu naplnenému vzťahu.
porozumenie toho, čo od vás vaša žena chce.
zdravý otec = zdravý syn
Pretože sme kontrolovaní, vedený našim rozumom, tak často spadáme do stereotypného správania podľa vzorcov.
Zažijeme pocit, aké to je BYŤ, žiť v jednoduchosti, bez posudzovania a pocitov viny či potreby byť perfektný. Zažijeme aké to je nemať myšlienky a očakávania.
Workshop pre mužov na podporu tvojich vlastných síl a správnej sebadefinície, 
vyčistenie a pozdvihnutie tvojho vnútorného vedomia:
- techniky, ktoré pomôžu vášmu vzťahu
- čo robia „native“ indiánski muži na podporu svojho mužstva a telesných síl (byť fit) v kruhu svojho kmeňa
- porozumenie, čo od vás žena potrebuje
- zdravý otec
- zdravý syn

NAGUAL – intenzívny transformačný celodenný workshop
Pretože sme kontrolovaní, vedení našou hlavou, stáva sa to pre nás akýmsi zvykom. Preto, BYŤ vyžaduje byť kompletne bez súdenia – bez viny a bez chcenia byť perfektný. Prežívať: bez myšlienok, bez očakávaní, len byť, NAGUAL je vidieť, cítiť, voňať ako NAGUAL, zakoreniť túto Silu aby ste ju mohli vždy žiť. Len BYŤ SAMI SEBOU BEZ SÚDENIA a buďte voľní v akomkoľvek momente vášho života.
„Pomocou rôznych metód používaných Native Indiánmi sa vydáme na cestu k našim prirodzeným inštinktom. Tu spoznáme Tu sa stretneme so zvieraťom, ktoré v sebe máme a ktoré nám celý náš život dáva silu. 
Panterra: „Ako ďaleko sme ak nevieme nič o existencii našej primárnej základnej sily? Človek, ktorý si začne uvedomovať svoj vzťah ku všetkému živému a svoju jednotu s vesmírom príde na podstatu toho čo je to byť človekom! To je to čo nás všetkých vylieči.“
Vyjdite von zo svojej hlavy - z intelektu, aby sa vytvoril priestor pre srdce, a emócie! prebuďte svoje inštinkty! vyberte sa na cestu ku svojim prirodzeným inštinktom.
„Keď lev vyrastá medzi ovcami, jedného dňa si aj on o sebe bude myslieť, že je ovca“ Nagual worshop je o tom, aby si spomenul na svoj vlastný osud a dary. Každý má svoje miesto, ktoré mu nik nemôže vziať. Vaše miesto je vždy TU!
Nagual worshopy sú pre ženy aj mužov rôzneho veku.“

Zober si svoju silu a konaj – manifestačný workshop 
Pochop, že ty si ten najdôležitejší človek na svete! Bez tvojej sily by tu ostalo niečo nepopísané, alebo skôr prázdne miesto. Tvoja sila je tvojim jasným svetlom a štastie je tvojou životnou cestou!“

Osobné konzultácie a spirituálne tetovanie – čase mimo semináre a worhsopy je možné si dohodnúť s Panterrou stretnutie – osobnú konzuláciu alebo spirituálne tetovanie, prípadne oboje. 

Panterra: „Na mojich workshopoch posilníte vaše dary. Vaše miesto je vždy tu – nik vám ho nemôže vziať. Inštinkt sa nedá kontrolovať, Duch sa nedá zmerať, vy ho len môžete cítiť, jeho energiu. Pozývam vás žiť vo vašej vlastnej Sile. Bez fóbii, depresii a návalov strachu, s nástrojmi pre váš každodenný život, ktoré posilnia váš osud v slobode.“

prihlasovanie: laloba.skupina@gmail.com

bližšie info: laloba.skupina@gmail.com
Panterra Facebook: panterra Rodriguez

Pre prihlásenie a rezerváciu miesta na jednotlivé semináre a workshopy je potrebné sa prihlásiť mailom, prihlásenie cez FB je len informatívne a nemá záväzný charakter. Počet miest v skupinách na jednotlivé akcie je obmedzený.

V prípade záujmu o osobnú konzultáciu alebo tetovanie je potrebné napísať na laloba.skupina@gmail.com a následne je možné dohodnúť si konkrétny termín pre konzultáciu alebo tetovanie. V prípade že máte záujem, doporučujeme napísať čím skôr, naposledy keď bola Panterra na Slovensku, boli miesta pre konzultácie a tetovanie veľmi rýchlo naplnené. 

Akékoľvek dotazy píšte prosím na mail laloba.skupina@gmail.com, nie prostredníctvom FB.



Inteligent Hollyday´s in GRAN CANARIA    

23.07 - 29.07.2018

Painting made by caroline manierePainting made by caroline maniere










(Panted by Caroline Maniere)


Spiritual holiday in Gran Canaria with Panterra!
23/07/2018 - 29/07/2018
all workshops in nature
I do do 4 days Workshop and inviduell consulting with me Panterra and my mother Alicia Hamm : www.aliciahamm.net


cost off pension and fly will not organised by us and is alsow not includet in the price off workshops


please get in contact with me for mor detiles:

email: panterraphoto@yahoo


 Every day morning Yoga at the beach near the dunes from Mas Palomas

9:00 to 10:30 yoga on the beach (daily) 

1 day. Earthling in Guanche caves (day Workshop)

Day 2: Lose your fear with the help of the sea (Night Workshop)

Day 3: Rituals and Tools for a Spiritual Life in your everyday life (day Workshop)

Day 4: Manifesting love, different techniques and exercises

Day 5: Ritual Dance Wind / Foolmoon Ritual (Night Workshop)

Day 6: Ritual Dance Base Chakra (Afternoon - Night Workshop)

Day 7: fire rituals (Day Workshop)

All workshops will take a minimum of 4 hours, but can be longer, that will depend off group size.
There is also individual session possible!

All Workshopds at powerpoints and nature!!!


!!Please come to all the activities drugs and alcohol and free!!


 all Workshops in german and asswell english


please bring somthing to write, a blanced, warm and confortable close, youre kristals you want to charge, a present for some people  corse we end the workshops with a gift celebration


VIDIO´S FROM PANTERRA (in english with Slovakien Transelation)


 painting from caroline manierepainting from caroline maniere